Just walked 9.8 miles in the minus one temperature. Was lovely though as long as I kept moving.


This was on my journey, looks like an old water tower.

Today Sarah's parents were meant to be coming down from Up North but with the weather forecast they wisely decided to stay Up North. They are coming down in a few weeks so all is good.

Sarah's on her works party today so I'm
going to pick her up at 5pm. That's if it's not snowing so hard they close the hill near the pub she's at which they do often.

As of yet no snow. Also today is my 17th day with no money spent on beers so the Disney pot is getting bigger.

So we have a whole weekend off now with no-one to play with and no beers ( not counting Sarah's do today but she's
not paying for beer).

I'm sure we'll find something to do....

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